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DISCOUNT | Use the discount code "Leather Wreck" during the checkout process to get 10% off your order total!
DISCOUNT | Use the discount code "Leather Wreck" during the checkout process to get 10% off your order total!

The Products


We know how much it matters that when needed the most, your leather companion doesn't falter under demanding circumstances. And so, with each of our leather goods we have added extra emphasis on quality, durability, usability, and longevity. From the hardware to the thread to the leather grain, we have designed our leather goods to accommodate you with minimal falter.

We only select the best finished top-grain and full-grain leathers, by mean of grain-thickness consistency. What this means is that if there is an inconsistency within the finished leather's grain-thickness from one end to the other, then we simply wont use these finished leather, as they increase the chance that later on down the road our products will become defective. We use industrial strength thread, such as the thread that is used on hiking or mountain climbing boots. We use this type of durable thread to increase the longevity of our products and to ensure that our products can accommodate our customers and the various demanding circumstances of their lifestyles.

For the majority of our leather goods, we use a high-grade tarnish-resistant durable quality brass. Brass does a fantastic job at complimenting and highlighting the already vintage brown shades of the leather grains. For some of our larger leather goods, we find it vital to use stainless steel for it's superior durability to heavier weights and it tarnish and stain resistant.



As difficult a task it was to create durable quality leather goods combined with up to date trendy and fashionable styles, we have somehow managed to achieve just that. Our professional network of leather artisans work around the clock to ensure that each of our leather product designs are nothing shy of a masterpiece. From vintage to classic to modern and minimalist styles, we continuously and outstandingly hit all the bench marks when it comes to today's standards of fashion and style.



Affordable leather goods that last - that's something you don't really come by too often anymore. Either you're paying an extremely high price for leather goods that aren't worth that much, or you're paying a low price for leather goods that don't make it past the first year before they absolutely fall apart.

What we have done, is made it possible for you to own and enjoy leather goods of admirable durability and quality, that are up to date with today's fashion and style trends, and most of all, are extremely affordable. Our leather goods, without a doubt cost less than the other guys, yet with the same, if not more, durable quality that lasts. If there is anything that we are certain of about our leather goods, it is this. They wont break your pocket, and you can be sure that years from now you will still be in love with your leather companion.