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DISCOUNT | Use the discount code "Leather Wreck" during the checkout process to get 10% off your order total!
Traditional Leather Backpacking - Blog Post - The Leather Wreck

Traditional Leather Backpacking

Taking a traditional leather backpack on a hike or on a trekking adventure through the wilderness of mountainous trails, is but a fantastic idea that encourages you to step out of the modern world and into the wild.

In a very real sense you won't have access to all of the small conveniences of a modern style backpacking-backpack that otherwise makes hiking and trekking easier and much more comfortable. With a real leather backpack you will not so easily bare the weight of the heavier thick leather as you maneuver your way through the bush or make those long stretches of flat plain. Your leather backpack's internal compartment space won't be nearly as large or situated as a modern style hiking backpack either, and you can count on things to get lost in the internal compartment. And as for feeling the comfort of a having a modern backpacking  backpack strapped to your back, well, you can forget about it. These rugged structured traditional leather backpacks aren't designed to adjust well up against your back. Especially, after about an hour of digging through the trail, you will start to feel this discomfort.

But what you may discover if you ever do take a traditional leather backpack on a hike is that, just like back in the day, people didn't have all the fancy backpacking backpacks, equipment, bells and whistles and so on that makes hiking comfortable and convenient, like what's available nowadays. They were stronger. In the sense that, they often undertook more difficult daily tasks, and they did this because they didn't have much of a choice. the lesson here, is gratitude, appreciation and a better way to embrace life. You possess the same strength and potential to make these journeys, by doing exactly what they didn't have a choice to do - tapping into your natural survival skills and capabilities. And the best part about it, is that it is ten times more enjoyable, rewarding and memorable. So, get yourself a traditional leather backpack and take the "traditional leather backpacking" challenge!

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